How Are Tyres Tested In The UAE?

UAE is one of the main countries in the world that boasts of high numbers in terms of import and export of cars. Almost every type of car can easily be found in the UAE. Along with the business of cars, UAE is also known for the provision of high-quality tyres all over the world. These tyres perform a very notable job while your car is leading you towards your respective destination, having a long drive, crossing mountains in desserts or driving your sports car on a highway during a hot weather. These tyres are positively reviewed all over the internet; therefore you can easily order the ones you like from Here we will find out how different tyres are tested in UAE.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are the type of tyres which are tested on rocky surfaces, muddy conditions as well as desserts in which a car has a chance to stuck or sink in sand. These tyres are run on different modes. For example, a normal SUV is facilitated with crawling mode in which the SUV runs slowly over obstacles in order to properly cross the bumpy surface. In crawling mode, these tyres are used to test if they slip on the rocks or not. The bulky chunks coming out of these tyres are tested in deep mud as they help to throw the mud back and move forwards like a thrust.

Wet Tyres

Wet tyres play an important role in rainy weather. These tyres are tested on wet roads and the motive is to protect the car from slipping or turning around while high speeding, applying brakes or over taking. Water performs its job as an anti-friction agent. Whenever a rubber is forced in a wet surface, the amount of friction barely happens to be in action, it instead start to decrease as the speed increases due to which in real life, when cars are running fast on wet roads, they lose traction; therefore the tyre companies of UAE are focused on avoiding accidents in rainy seasons by making Wet tyres.

Mud Tyres

Mud tyres are usually made for mud purposes only. As these tyres are facilitated with patterns that are in geometrical shape and play a very scientific job while running in mud. If you compare smooth tyres with mud tyres, smooth tyres have no shape on their surface due to which they can’t push anything back and will keep spinning in one place, mean while mud tyres are also filled with chunky patterns, while help to drag the viscous mud back and push the SUV for forward. These tyres are also tested in muddy surfaces or conditions that look like flood.

Whether you opt for tyres by Landsail or choose wheels manufactured by Continental, you can rest-assured of their quality due to stringent testing techniques.