The Different Types Of Tyres Available In The UAE

People often categorize cars by their looks as well as their overall performances. There are a lot of cars in this world, and each one has a particular performance for certain purposes. There are racing cars which are mostly used for speed as well as traction as these cars are facilitated with a very strong suspension. Then we see drifting cars which are used for stunt purposes by producing torque on the road while running. 4×4 trucks or jeeps are used for mountain climbing, river crossing as well as mud splashing. But what’s the main agent that controls all these performances and leads them in a proper way? We know such agents by the name of tyres. In fact, the category of these cars came in to being due to the variation in the performances of tyres in racing; drifting or rock climbing is done with the help of certain tyres. Therefore, let’s find out the popular types of tyres people use in UAE.

The different options

The UAE is famous for hot weather, which does a great job in melting or deforming tyres; therefore stock tyres don’t happen to be very good on the roads of UAE. For such weathers, people in UAE use all-seasoned tyres. It’s because all-seasoned tyres are made of hard rubber, which doesn’t melt or goes out of shape easily. The tyre industry of UAE test the performances of such tyres in every possible way by using these tyres in desserts, wet roads, hot and dry roads as well as by braking and turning. All-seasoned tyres play an important job in holding grips of cars on the roads of UAE. The thickness of these tyres is felt like a rock.

The UAE is known for dessert safari and there are a lot of traditions including sports which involve SUVs and 4×4 cars which are run in desserts. For such purposes, manufacturers of wheels produce all-terrain tyres, which are known to be very thick. Hard and long shaped patterns are emerging out of these tyres which help the SUVs to cross over almost every worst surface condition including rocks, obstacles, ditches as well as mud. These tyres perform very proficiently in desserts and prevent the SUV from getting stuck in the sand. With the facility of these tyres, the SUVs run very smooth on the mountains of sand as if they’re are running on a flat road.

Due to the high and durable quality of the tyres produced by leading manufacturers like Firestone and Mastercraft, they are delivered all over the world with bulk quantities.