Frequently Asked Question is owned by Renew My Car Registration and we are a leading Vehicle Registration company that is providing hassle free service to its customers from last three years. Our aim is to provide quality service at Doorstep.

Please visit our brands page and we have all the brands that are popular worldwide and we also have various Chinese brands too. All tires are imported with a year warranty and 5 year life span.

We don’t want to overcharge our customers. The companies that do this provide tires at a price that is way more than the market price. Also, it’s not a hassle free experience as you need to stand by the car till your tires are fixed but here you just need to hand us over the keys like you do for registration renewal of your vehicle and we will drop it back safely in an hour and thirty minutes?

We will do free wheel balancing and wheel alignment after changing the tires. These two services are worth at least two hundred dirhams and it will ensure the long life span of the newly placed tires.